Mission Statement

My name is David Brown.  I am happily married and the proud father of three boys (and two dogs).  I love family, friends, and the community to which we belong.  I attain the greatest personal joy through the happiness of others.  I strive to be of service both professionally and in my private life which is what initially drew me to financial services.

Devonsleigh Wealth Management is a client-centric comprehensive wealth practice.  It is founded on three maxims:  Honesty, Integrity, and Dedication.  Our processes employ a vast contingent of specialists and resources from all over the financial world.  We leverage this along with an in-depth understanding of our clients to provide professional advice that evolves as they do.

I began Devonsleigh Wealth Management because I truly care about the people I represent.  As we are not beholden to specific investments or insurers, we are better positioned to extract value for our clients.

There are no external pressures that guide our recommendations, only the intense desire to see those we care about flourish and attain happiness.